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Becoming what we were born to be - the Church 

Why Acts? The Book of Acts documents the spark of the gospel and the spread of the church. It begins with the ascension of Jesus, moves to the emboldening empowerment of the disciples by the Holy Spirit, the growth of the Christ following mission, the continual movement of the Spirit and many incidents that point toward what we as disciples and the church were born to be. 

This series will investigate in depth some of the things we were born to be about by God’s empowering Holy Spirit. Whether you are able to walk in or tune in to worship, make an effort to participate in every message. 

July 12Born to be servants of God’s Word - Acts 1:1-11 

July 19: Born to be conduits of God’s Holy Spirit - Acts 2:1-13 

July 26: Born to be fearlessly bold for the Lord - Acts 2: 14-41 

August 2:  Born to be devoted to the Lord’s Church - Acts 2:42-47 

August 9: Born to Heal in God’s name - Acts 3:1-10 

August 16: Born to Pray with power and expectation - Acts 4:23- 31 

August 23: Born to Share - Acts 4:32-5:11 

August 30: Born to carry on a legacy regardless of cost - Acts 6:8-8:1a 

September 6: Born to introduce others to the Lord - Acts 8:4-8, 26-40