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The following are very brief summaries describing the roles of our church officers.

Church Council Member At Large

The Church Council is the main administrative body in the church. Church Council operates under parliamentary procedures and oversees the ministries and direction of the church. Church Council meets quarterly on the third Monday at 8:00 PM in the Chapel of the Church.

Mission Control

Mission Control is a "think tank" group and has implemented projects such as: the Natural Church Development survey, the visioning process and Mission Minded Ministry. Mission Control meets in "spurts" on an "as needed" basis and typically will meet 10-12 times a year. 

Finance and Stewardship Committee

The Finance and Stewardship Committee is responsible for raising and managing the financial resources of the local church. Further the committee communicates with the congregation important stewardship messages and keeps them informed on the state of the financial affairs of the church. Finance and Stewardship meets the third Monday of each month. 

First United Methodist Church Foundation

Following the bylaws and 5 visions of their work as set forth by the Church Council, the Foundation manages the "endowment" of the church. Further, they communicate the opportunities giving to the foundation provides for greater ministry. Foundation meets 4-8 times per year. 

Memorials and Special Projects

The Memorial Committee manages the memorial gifts given to the church. The committee meets on an "as needed" basis. Typically 2-5 meetings per year. 

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with selecting and soliciting the leadership of the church. The committee meets several times each fall and periodically throughout the year when specific needs arise. 

Staff Parish Relations Committee

The SPRC is the human resource arm of the church. SPRC hires, evaluates and manages the church staff in relation to the mission and the vision of the church. Staff Parish meets at 6:30 PM each third Monday of the month. 

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the buildings and grounds of the church. The Trustees meet at 6:30 PM each third Monday of the month. 

F.L.Y. (Feeding Lunch to Youth) Board

The F.L.Y. Board meets quarterly near times of feeding to discuss dates, locations, volunteers, publicity and for grant requirements needed for serving children food and pointing to Jesus.