Part of our faith expression is serving God, Church and the World in specific ways. There are many ways through which your passion to serve effectively and specifically can be engaged at Marion  Methodist Church and in our community, locally and around the world.

Get Involved

Marion Methodist is a very busy place, and there is always something going on. With over 100 different missions/ministries, we have something that will fit everyone’s interests and passion! Take a look at our Education, Service, Hospitality & Connections, and Worship opportunities to get involved! 

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4:12 Student Ministry

Wednesday evenings
Middle School and High School (Grades 5th – 12th)
6:30 – 8:00pm

4:12 is a community of students that come together to connect, play games, but most importantly worship our God and be challenged to grow. We believe Faith is meant to be lived with others and that’s why we strive to be a community where students can Belong, Believe and Become more like Jesus.

Adult Leaders play a significant role in the lives of teens. That’s why if you want to serve God by actively investing in young people’s lives, I encourage you to join us!
We want to welcome adults of any age, with an active faith willing to care for students, learn and grow alongside them.

Adult Leaders
• Welcome the students on Wednesday Nights
• Actively Participate in worship on Wednesdays with our students
• Lead small group studies on Wednesday nights
• Connect with and grow relationships with students outside of the ministry events.
• Help plan and make the yearly programming happen

Adult Discipleship

Here at Marion Methodist, we are building New Disciples through prayer, presence, gifts, witness, and service. Bible Study and Growth Groups are all about disciple-making, which is about following Jesus and taking others with you. Marion Methodist desires to provide you with practical, biblical help and encouragement. Discipling others means mentoring them in their faith. If you are a follower of Jesus, He has commanded to go and make disciples. You may be thinking, ‘I don’t feel worthy, smart enough, have enough Bible knowledge or (fill in the blank)’. Remember, the Holy Spirit lives within you and will guide you. The Bible, other Christians, and our discipleship team are here to support you as you begin your journey as a discipleship leader.

Bible Study and Growth Group Leaders

Leading others in Bible Study or a Growth Group is very rewarding and one of the best ways to help in your personal spiritual growth.  

What is the difference between a Bible Study and a Growth Group?
• A Bible study class has a set start and finish date that takes you through the entire study. Many study groups become close and connected and may decide to continue meeting by starting another study. Bible studies can range in size from 8 people on up to 30+ people. Our Bible study groups will focus on biblical teaching, being present with each other, engage in prayer together, and witness to each other.
• A Growth Group is a smaller, more intimate group of 8-10 people, that plans to meet ongoing without an end date. Growth Groups will focus on all five (5) Marks of a Disciple and together walk-through prayer, presence, gifts, witness, and service. Growth Groups often become extremely close and have a great sense of a safe and family like environment.
Where would I meet?
Bible Studies and Growth Groups can be held at the church, our Uptown Marion church office location, a local coffee shop, the library, or your home.
How often do we meet?
Most Bible Studies are held once a week. You can lead a study for a season, throughout the year (September – April), or Sunday mornings during the summer.
Growth Groups usually meet weekly or twice a month at minimum with an ongoing schedule (no end date). When would my group meet? Marion Methodist has many groups that meet throughout the week during the day or the evenings. We are ready to support you in leading your Bible study or Growth Group during the day of the week or time of day that works best for you.
How much time to allow? As a leader you can expect to spend 1-3 hours per week in preparation depending on your study. On the day your group meets it is recommended to allow yourself two hours for your class or Growth Group. This will give you time for set up, meeting/lesson, discussion, and taking down/resetting the room.
How to choose your study?  Sometimes God has given you a specific message or study on your heart to share. Our sermon-based Growth Group study guide is a great option for focus and allows you to dig into the Sunday morning message deeper through group discussion. The Growth Group study guide can be used for a Bible study class or in a Growth Group.
Not ready to lead a group but love to host and entertain? Consider opening your home and hosting a Growth Group meeting. Your Growth Group leader will come to your home and handle the rest.

Are you considering leading a Bible study or Growth Group? Jen Digmann is here to help you with study selection, getting materials, and setting up your meeting space. Please contact her at or call the church office at (319) 377-4856.

Chancel Choir

The Marion Methodist Chancel Choir is an ensemble of dedicated adult singers who lead worship at our Traditional Service on Sundays at 8:15 am. The Chancel Choir is a relaxed, yet musically challenging atmosphere, with a rich history of excellence. Any adult or older youth is welcome to join us!

No audition is necessary to join the Chancel Choir; the only requirements for participation are a love for singing and a heart for sharing the love of Christ through music.

Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings (September – May) from 6:30-8:00 pm in Room 100.

Check-In Ministry

Are you looking to join a servant ministry but worried you don’t have enough time?
Worried about which one to pick?
Not yet sure of what ministry aligns with your interests and talents?
Need a volunteer opportunity for your teenager on Sunday mornings?


We are looking for servants who have basic knowledge of computers, like to share friendly smiles, and are comfortable greeting fellow members. If that description sounds a lot like you.. come join the Check-Ins Ministry for an easy-going service ministry experience!
• Troubleshoot printers if necessary (troubleshooting training available)
• Greet members using computers to check in
• Give brief overviews of the check-in process to new users

Children’s Discipleship

Pathfinders Children’s Ministry partners with families to grow disciples who know and love Jesus and share Him with their friends for the transformation of the world.

• Provide a safe and loving, Jesus-centered environment for all children
• Fun sharing Jesus and the Bible with the children
• Respectful and courteous to others
• Set a positive example for the children
• Energetically greet all children upon arrival

Teachers and Teacher Assistants in the Nursery, Sunday mornings at 8:15 am, 9:15 am, and 10:15 am, and Wednesday Nights.

• Spend time prior to their teaching session in preparation.
• Have their classroom prepared for that day’s lesson, arriving in their classrooms at least 15 minutes early to welcome the children.
• Engage with children based on a relevant Bible story, including Bible activities, crafts, and games (all lessons and materials are provided).
• Check children out at the end of Sunday School, using the classroom iPads and parent barcode.
• Follow the curriculum assigned for your class, choosing activities and experiences within the lesson material or of their own creativity to correspond to the theme of the session.
• Attend teacher meetings when scheduled, including Safe Church training for the protection and safety of children as well as themselves.
• Attend worship regularly.
• Communicate regularly with the Director of Children’s Discipleship regarding classroom expectations, scheduling, and supply needs.

Handbell Ministry

Our ministry is made of many ringers, but ring as one (body) to the glory of God!

Ringing is a commitment Ringers need to be dependable: when there is no ringer, there is no part. When youth are involved, their parents need to honor this commitment as well.

Ringers and chimers devote time each week to rehearse music as they praise God, by ringing, in the worship service. They ring/chime two concerts each year: the first Sunday in May and usually the first Sunday in December.
Need to know how to read music or be willing to learn to read music. We color code parts, if necessary, as we learn to ring together.

Joyful Noise: 4:30-5:15pm Wednesdays (youth)
Jubilation: 3:00-3:50pm Sundays
Bell Canto: 4:00-5:30pm Sundays
Touch of Brass: 6:30-8:00pm Tuesdays
Rehearsals are September through first Sunday in May.

What ringers enjoy!
• The opportunity to praise God through music!
• Making music with a smaller group; don’t have to worry about being in tune, just on time; something to do with grandkids – intergenerational.
• Ringing music with every individual in the ministry together – 4th graders through 70+ year olds
• Friendships
• The difficult pieces that sound almost like organ music
• The satisfaction of working hard on a composition and having it finally come together, sound professional, and touch others i.e. “All is Well” last Christmas.
• Ringing some fun, crazy pieces, i.e. The Chicken Dance (on concert only)

Homebound Communion

Extends the sacrament of Holy Communion to all members of our church family who have been unable to attend church for some time due to illness, age-related issues, rehabilitation following surgery or other causes. Members of Marion Methodist, in 2 member teams, are trained to take the consecrated elements of Holy Communion and serve the same homebound members each month after communion has been served during Sunday worship services.

• Once a month commitment involving a couple of hours
• Paired with another member to serve a couple of people each month
• Training will be provided

Becomes a wonderful visitation ministry as a relationship is established between the servers and those being served.
If you love people and would enjoy visiting with our senior members, you’re perfect for this ministry!


Connections Ministry

Door Attendants– At both the east and west entrances we have attendants posted to help people enter the building by opening the doors for them, assisting members/guests in carrying food pantry donations, or simply offering a welcoming smile and greeting.
Welcome Center– Once inside, we have two welcome centers located on the east and west sides of the center. At this location, ministry servants will greet and engage with members/guests as they come in the building. Answering questions about the facility or services is a part of the Welcome Center duties. At these centers we also have newsletters, religious magazines, pamphlets, and other resources that are available for members/guests.
Ushering – Inside the three entrances to the sanctuary there are ushers posted to hand out bulletins (and any other sermon specific items) to each member/guest that enters. Ushers also have baskets available to collect used bulletins at the end of the service and to send people out into the world with a smile and salutation. Ushers will also assist in communion by delivering the elements to the Communion Stewards, when required.

Fellowship Ministry

Fellowship Team – The fellowship team is made up of the smiling faces you see behind the counter during cookie and coffee time. This ministry servant position is a mixture of stocking and talking.
Stocking responsibilities are to: keep the cookie trays full, replenish coffee items such as cups, napkins, sugar, etc.
Talking responsibilities: engage with members/guests utilizing the cookie and coffee counter by greeting them, creating conversation, and helping everyone feel welcome.

One of the perks to this ministry is that you have the ability to sign up for shifts at your convenience! Each of the hospitality ministries use a monthly sign-up system in which servants pick Sunday dates, times, and positions to serve.

Landscape Ministry

Marion Methodist was a downtown church for over 175 years. With our new location came 30 acres of land, over 150 trees and bushes, hundreds of decorative plantings, and over 15 acres of prairie to care for.
A new era for Marion Methodist began.

Tree Tamer/Arborist – Wind Break Management
Replacements when necessary
Turf People
Weed Wranglers
Noxious Weed Elimination
Landscape Restoration – (Playground area)
Prairie Enthusiast/Manager
Decorative Plant Manager
Annual clearing
Periodic pruning and cleaning
Grass Growing/Mowing at Carnegie
Special Projects
Finish turf restoration around Playground
Stump Circles and grass restoration at Carnegie

Safety Team

The purpose of the Safety Team is to look out for the safety and well being of the Church’s Staff, Members and Visitors. Our role is to be observant and to step in when needed to lead/assist during any safety or health situation/issue.


Friendly – High fives, handshakes and hugs…this is a social Team, and a great way to meet and enjoy the company of many people.
Courteous – Be there to help members and visitors when needed.
Helpful – Be available to help the staff or members with any needs that may arise, or with events.
Flexible – Be available when on duty to help as situations and needs arise.
Courageous – Ability to step into a negative situation to assist as needed.


Safety Team Captain – There are 3 Captains. This role switches out every 2-3 years. The Captains have additional responsibilities such as scheduling and working more with the Staff. Current Captains are: Kent Walton, Kirk McNeil, and Chris Liscum
Safety Team Member – We prefer a minimum of 6 members working each service. Slots are 7:30-9:30 and 9:30-11:30. You can work one service/time slot or both. There is no requirement to serve every Sunday. 1-2 Sundays a month is appreciated.


Join the Photography Team at Marion Methodist!

Marion Methodist is starting a Photography Ministry to capture memories for the church. This ministry will serve to tell the story of Marion Methodist.
• Covering all Marion Methodist events within and outside of the church walls – to document and promote.
• Creative storytelling through the still camera lens.
• All things photographic that support and further the vision of the church.
• Required to turn in photographs in a timely manner to be stored and used for future promotions.

Those wishing to service in the Photography Ministry need not be professional photographers. Beginners and amateurs are welcome; all that is required is a willing heart and a desire to serve. Come see how you can use your artistry and photography skills to serve Marion Methodist.

Technology Ministry


Radical Hospitality – Making sure all team members and all music/pastoral team members feel comfortable and confident we are working together with them and here to serve the church.
Adaptability – Understanding the need for ‘on-the-fly’ changes and working through troubleshooting situations.
Excellence – Commitment to making the presence of technology in worship an impactful tool, not a distraction.
Humility – Tech ministry is the only ministry where the unsaid expectation is perfection. Know that most people will only notice tech when something goes wrong.
Resourcefulness– Understanding we may not have all the tools we want, but will do the absolute best with what we have.


Director – Responsible for opening and closing the Tech Booth on Sunday morning. Coordinating all other positions actions to provide a seamless service in the Sanctuary and online.
Sound – Mix sound for in room audience
Broadcast Sound – Mix sound for online audience
Lights/Environmental Projection – Control lighting and background scenes throughout the worship service
ProPresenter – Responsible for displaying words and graphics on the screens in the Sanctuary and online
Manned Camera – Under direction of Director getting required camara shots of Sanctuary.

Wednesday Night Meals

Join our Wednesday Night Meal serving team!

We are looking for groups of 4-6 people to serve already prepared/catered meals to our church family once a month on a Wednesday evening. This is a great way to grab some of your friends and share your love for Jesus and our church with the youth and young families of our community.
Who: A welcoming group of 4-6 people or 3 couples who love to meet new people and share the light of Jesus Christ.
Where: At Marion Methodist Church in The Center and kitchen area.
When: set up at 5:15 PM.
Serving from 5:45-6:30 PM
Clean-up from 6:30-6:45PM
What: Set out an easy to serve catered or prepackaged food to serve out congregation and easy clean-up.

Worship Team

The Marion Methodist Worship Team exists to lead the congregation of Marion Methodist in excellent and God-honoring music. We believe that joining together singing the praises of God helps us to know God, love God, and submit our lives to God. We are a collection of musicians who want to use music to draw our hearts and affections to God and to serve the Church. The Marion Methodist Worship team has many members who rotate playing/singing in addition to serving in other areas of the church. If you love using your music to give glory to God for the good of the Church, we would love to have you join us.


Band Members (bass guitar, electric guitar, keys, piano, acoustic guitar, drums etc.)
Instrumentalists (brass, woodwinds, strings, etc.)


Weekly rehearsals are on Sunday Mornings at 9:15am in the Sanctuary
Rotations typically have musicians play/sing 1-2 times per month
Occasional weeknight and periodic Sunday afternoon worship retreats throughout the year.