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When the call was made to “flatten the curve” of the Coronavirus spread in mid-March 2020 by governmental and church leaders advocating the cessation of in person activities, the church complied. Immediately a “Reemergence Task Force” was formed composed of members in the health professions and in tune with deliberate responses to health emergencies. 

The task force has met many times. Their role has been to be knowledgeable and current regarding information relating to the pandemic, keep the congregation informed, and guide the decision-making process regarding the return to in person ministry. 

Marion Methodist is fully open and our ministries including worship, discipleship, youth ministries and most others are meeting in person. We continue to strongly encourage mask wearing (and to date have experienced 100% compliance) and physical distancing.  

Our philosophy has been conservative employing a “loosen the belt one notch at a time” model for reemergence. We believe this has provided a safe reemergence as the pandemic is slowly being pushed back.