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Building Committee Responds to Questions


The time is drawing near and the dream is close to a reality.  We began the planning and preparation 10 years ago to move forward as a step of faith with God to build a new place to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.   After much planning, dreaming, preparation, discussion and replanning, we are coming close to moving into our new space.    As your building team, we wish to continue to be transparent and informative about our process.   Below you will find the questions we have heard you ask and our response to those.   Please continue to give us your thoughts, feelings and concerns.   Your prayers for our discernment in decision making are greatly welcomed. We desire to faithfully fulfill our responsibility to you to follow through with the needs and hopes of Marion Methodist. 

  1. Where and how will the stained-glass windows be used in the new building?   The three stained glass windows that have been removed from our sanctuary will be mounted in a large stainless steel structure outside of the building near the east corner of the north wall, roughly 10 feet away from the building.  The windows will be protected from the weather and illuminated.   They will be one of the main distinguishing features and identifiers of our building once installed.
  2. How will the stairs at the front of the church leading up to the chancel be used and stored?  Our architect is presently designing stairs that will slide underneath the stage and be hidden behind closed doors. 
  3.  3.   How is the sound level in the large fellowship area being handled?  There are a number of design features to decrease noise levels throughout this area.   These include a rounded wall, a perforated ceiling with insulation above to dampen sound, no square corners, appropriate furniture and high ceilings.
  4. How are the concrete floors in the fellowship area being treated to ensure they are not slippery?  The double doors at each entrance will have mats to decrease the possibility of weather from outside impacting the floors inside the building.  Our floors will be of similar materials used in many retail establishments which have a great deal of foot traffic. 
  5. What material will be used to make the exterior cross?  The cross will be 8 inches wide and 18 feet tall from the top of the spire to hit the maximum height allowed without the need for a blinking light.  The cross will be illuminated and be the main distinguishing sign for our building.  The current bids for the cross are in aluminum.
  6. Will any of the outlets be USB outlets?  Will there be the ability to charge phones and other electronics within the fellowship area?  At this time there is no specific plan for USB outlets or charging stations, however the number of outlets will be ample within the building.
  7. What furnishings & instruments will be coming from the old building to the new?   All of the pianos in the present building will be retained for use in the new building or the Carnegie building.  The other instruments for use with the praise bands will also be coming to our new building.  We are retaining all of our folding tables and chairs for storage in the out building or the storage area located off of the fellowship space.   Some new education furniture has been purchased over the last 2 years with the new building in mind.   New furniture is also being purchased presently for education ministry space.  The chapel chairs will be relocated to the upper level of the Carnegie building. 
  8. How high will the modesty railings on the stage be? The rails will be approximately 30 inches in height to allow for beauty and the optimum worship experience. 
  9. Will round tables be purchased for use in the new building?   At this time, there has been no discussion to purchase additional tables.   However, in the future if budgets allow, that may be addressed.
  10. How will the new church be accessed during the week? The new church will have an electronic key punch lock exactly like our Caring Corner doors have had.   Access will be granted via the church office with a punch code assigned.   When there are programs at the church, the doors will be opened and there will be a full-time janitor on staff at the building.
  11. Will there be chairs on the risers during the service?  We are purchasing risers that will accommodate chairs as necessary.   At this time the choir will not be remaining on the risers during a service. 
  12. When will we be officially moving into the building?   The builders are projecting that we will get the building on May 11, however this may change.  Our plans on when to officially move are currently under consideration at this time.
  13. What is the current plan for the bell tables?  Due to budgetary constraints and bell choir wishes, we are building the modesty rails that will beautify what we presently have. 

       Once again, we continue to welcome your questions and concerns.   Thank you for your continual prayers and input.

Building Committee