Chancel Choir

Do you love to sing?  
Would you like to use your musical ability to praise God as part of the choir? 
If so, please strongly consider becoming a member of the Marion Methodist Chancel Choir.  We are getting ready to start a new church year and are excited about the musical possibilities this year brings!

Chancel Choir will begin with a retreat in the Church's Choir Room (3rd floor above the carport) on Saturday, September 24.  We start at 8:30 am with "Socializing and Sticky Buns".  You won't want to miss the famous treats baked by Mike Richmond. At 9:00 am sharp,we will start with the music.  Planned for our time together are: getting a good start on the music for this fall, some fun activities, having a light lunch and ending by 1:00 pm.

The regular Wednesday night rehearsals (6:30 - 8:00 pm)  will begin on September 28 and the first Sunday we sing at the 8:30 am service will be October 2.

If that extra schedule commitment won't work for you, there is another opportunity for you to be a part of the choir for a portion of the year.  The Chancel Choir presents a cantata at Christmastime (scheduled for Sunday, December 18) and around Easter each year.  This year, rehearsals for the Christmas cantata will start at 7:15 pm on Wednesday evenings, during the regular choir rehearsal time, and last approximately 45 minutes.  Our first cantata rehearsal will be on Wednesday, October 12.  

If you would like to share your musical talents by singing in the choir or in a cantata, we would be delighted to have you join us.  As the new Director of Music, I am looking forward to a wonderful year with this group and think it would be great to have other new people joining us at the same time!

Can't wait to join us? GREAT! Just contact Peggy Rosenkranz, Director of Music, via email at or by calling the main office at (319)377-4856.


Touch of Brass glorifies God with bells and chimes! This group is composed of “older youth” and adults! They rehearse every Tuesday evening from 7 – 8:30 and praise God by ringing once a month in church. They ring a light concert in early May (then are off until the last week of August) and a Christmas concert in early December (then off until January).

Bell Canto also glorifies God with bells and chimes! A unique group of youth and adults, they rehearse every Sunday afternoon from 4 – 5:30. They praise God and ring one Sunday a month in church. As with Touch of Brass, they ring in the spring concert and the Christmas concert.

During the summer, a different small ensemble, composed of ringers from our different groups, will ring one Sunday a month. This is totally elective by the ringers.

A Joyful Noise, handchime choir, is composed of children in grades 2 through 4. They learn about the different types of notes and the duration of those notes. They learn how important it is to damp their chimes! But more importantly, they learn to work together in a group situation, encouraging one another to their best. God is the center of our chiming as they praise Him in not only their music but in what they say and do at rehearsals.  Parents, grandparents and siblings are invited and welcome to chime with their children / grandchildren! This group rehearses every Sunday afternoon from 2:15 – 2:50 in the Chancel Choir room. We chime in church every month or month and a half (October through May) as well as chime on both the Christmas concert and the spring concert, making A Joyful Noise to the Lord!

Jubilation is a youth handbell choir, composed of ringers in grade 6 on up. Jubilation learns to ring on handbells as well as some of the different types of techniques that go with ringing: shakes, thumb damps, marts, plucks….. This group rehearses on Sundays from 3 – 3:45PM in the handbell room. They ring in church once a month, September through May. Ringing and encouraging one another plays a big part in this group as they worship together through music.

All groups ring at our Spring and Christmas concerts.

We would love to have you join us as we ring with joy in praise and celebration of our risen Lord! 

Worship Teams

The Worship Teams at our 9:45 AM and 11:00 AM services lead our contemporary styled worship. The singers and the worship band help us encounter the presence of God and grow the expression of our relationship with Him.

The Worship team practices each Sunday morning in the Upper Level Carnegie Center at 8:30 AM and volunteers are used on a rotational basis as available.  There are many roles beyond music as well, including running live sound, video recording, and projection (slides).  We invite anyone interested to inquire about joining. Contact Simon Campbell at or call the church office at (319) 377-4856.

Children's Music

Preschool: Preschoolers meet during the Sunday School hour and participate in worship periodically, including the Children's Christmas program each year.

A Joyful Noise: A chime choir for 2nd through 5th graders meets Sundays from 2:00-2:45. This choir encourages children to share their faith through music-specifically chiming. This ensemble participates in worship services as well as a Christmas and Spring concert.

Contact Mary Lee Parks at or call the church office at (319) 377-4856.