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You are invited to learn, and grow closer to God through a variety of adult classes available. Check out our Discipleship Pathway!  Learn more »


4:12 is a high energy student ministry designed to impact all types of students (grades 6-12th) with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The two main components of the ministry are large group worship/teaching gatherings and small group meetings designed to bring students together to help them grow personally in faith and life.  Learn more »


We recognize that every child is on their own personal journey with Christ. We desire to expand that walk through Bible lessons that give them a foundation in God’s Word and a knowledge of God’s deep and unending love for them in Jesus Christ. We open our Bibles, explore truths in the stories and present those truths in ways they can understand and apply to their lives daily.  We offer opportunites for fun & growth on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  Learn more »