I was once mine. From this point forward, I am Yours.
Make clear my purposes in life.
Place me among my loved ones and expand my heart to love all.

Help me to think the things You want me to think,
say the things You want me to say,
and do the things You want me to do,
even if it means I am belittled, ignored, or criticized.

Give me people to encourage, serve, and love.
Give me times of peace and rest so I can love and be loved by You.
Let me be a light to a dark world so people can see You working in me.
Make me humble and remind me that everything I have is because of You.

Thank You for times of happiness and prosperity; they are a gift.
Thank You for Your presence and promise in days of sadness and hardship.
I emerge stronger and wiser.

Let me discover, embrace, and fulfill Your will for my life.
With joy and in fullness, I give my possessions, my time, and my energy to You and to Your purposes.
Almighty, holy, and blessed God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, You are my true love and I am Yours.
And so it is. Let the covenant I am making here on earth be acceptable and pleasing to You.