At Marion Methodist, we are always growing on our path towards Discipleship. Check out these exciting Adult Discipleship opportunities.

Sunday Mornings at 9:20 AM

The Twelve Disciples in room W50 ~ Starting March 3rd

This study of the twelve disciples can transform your life as you see how the Master can take the most fear-filled and faithless among us and empower us to be confident witnesses of his grace and forgiveness. In each of the first nine chapters, you’ll study one of Jesus’ disciples. The tenth chapter is devoted to three of the lesser-known disciples. Each chapter contains a Scripture reading, personal and group discussion questions, a personal reflection, and concludes with a suggested activity or exercise to do either “now or later.”

Old Testament History in Room W30
Please join us as we continue to explore the Old Testament Books of the Bible and focus on the book of Genesis. No matter how many times we read through and study the Old Testament, there is always more insight and a better understanding as our faith journey continues. The goal of this class is to read every word in the Old Testament , and then as a World History Class, discuss the events of their known world that shaped and influenced their lives at their particular time in history. This class is open to everyone regardless of age or personal knowledge of the Old Testament.

Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 PM

Basic Bible

6:30 PM In-Person Class in Room W50 ~ starting March 29th

8:00 PM ZOOM or In-Person Class in Room W50 ~ starting March 29th

Need a place to get started? Come be a part of The Basic Bible. Join Pastor Mike Morgan as this group walks through the book of James. This is a great class for beginner bible readers and those that are wanting to grow their scripture knowledge in a comfortable and relaxed group.

Never Beyond Hope in room W30 ~ Starting March 22nd

Do you ever find it hard to hope? Many of us feel weighed down by our own failures, a sense of inferiority, guilt from the past, or emotionally exhausting circumstances. Yet when hope seems beyond us, the Bible offers encouragement from stories of those who have gone before. In this you will explore how God works through imperfect characters such as Jonah, Martha, and Peter. God loves, redeems, and restores misfits, outsiders, and failures. And he can do the same for you. Life is Never Beyond Hope!

2 Peter – Precept Inductive Bible Study in Room W10 ~ Starting March 29th
In a day when false teachers are leading countless people astray, to live effectively for Christ we need to know the truth.  Learn to live effectively and grow in spiritual discernment – things of which we need to be continually reminded. 

Please join us as we study 2 Peter.  If you’ve never done a percept bible study, this is a great way to get introduced to how to study the bible inductively as there are only 3 chapters in 2 Peter that will be covered in 6 lessons.  New members are welcome