At Marion Methodist, we are always growing on our path towards Discipleship. Check out these exciting Adult Discipleship opportunities.

Marks of a Disciple Bible Study and Growth Groups

This fall we will be focusing on the Marks of a Disciple: Prayer, Presence, Gifts, Witness, Service. Through this sermon series Bible study, you will be able to attend or watch the sermon each week and use the study guide that we provide to dig deeper into the message that you hear each week. There are several opportunities for you to join in this study through a weekly Bible study or joining a Growth Group.

Bible studies will be offered throughout the week on Sunday mornings, Tuesday afternoon or evening, Wednesday evening or Thursday evening at the church.

A Growth Group (small group) is a great way to have a smaller gathering of people that grow together in all aspects of discipleship through Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and service. A Growth Group is a small group, 8-10 people, that meet on a weekly basis in their location of choice. Sometimes this is in someone’s home, at a coffee shop or part, and at the church. 

I invite you to be part of a Bible study, start or join a Growth Group, or have your current Growth Group join us in the Marks of a Disciple sermon series Bible study. 

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