Week of Prayer 2023

Our dear Lord Jesus commands his followers to be a praying people. In all things we are encouraged to pray frankly, faithfully, and fervently. Prayer is one of the five marks we at Marion Methodist understand as critical to the life of a disciple. Prayer is when we “Speak to and Listen to God” and there are moments when we need to deliberately set aside or manufacture time for both.

For that purpose, the pastor has designed a “Week of Prayer” with essential opportunities and expressions of prayer the week of August 13th through August 20th.  Each day will have a different target for our prayers or engage in a specific type of prayer. Please manipulate your schedule to accommodate at the very least one of these opportunities into your discipleship.

Scheduled Activities Marion Methodist Week of Prayer 2023

Sunday, 8/13 6:00 PM                    Praying for our Schools                                                

Monday, 8/14 6:30 AM                  The Men of the Church Pray                                      

The Scriptures are clear that when the men of the church prayer, blessings abound in the ministry and people of the church. Every man is invited to participate in this 40 minute guided time of prayer before their work day. (The Center)

Tuesday, 8/15 noon (CDT)             The Digital Church Prays

We have a substantial congregation that fully relates to us online. If you are part of our digital congregation, please join us. (Online)

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86193820101  

Meeting ID: 861 9382 0101 Passcode: 571015                                                

Wednesday, 8/16 6:30 PM           Service and Prayers for Healing                                                                

This service is a dedicated time to pray for the healing of body, mind, spirit and soul of those you know or yourself. (Sanctuary)                

Thursday, 8/17 10:00 AM             The Women of the Church Pray                                                        

The church throughout the centuries has been nourished and fortified by the prayers of faithful women. Every woman is invited to participate in this guided time of prayer. (Sanctuary)

Friday, 8/18 noon                             Holy Communion                                                             

The liturgy for Holy Communion of the Global Methodist will be said for the first time at Marion Methodist. (Sanctuary)

Saturday, 8/19  All Day                    “I pray” at Marion Methodist                                    

You and/or your family is invited to sign up to be at the church for 20 minutes to pray on the church grounds your personal/family prayers. You may remain in your car, do a prayer walk around the property or pray anywhere on the grounds/property of the church. Please sign up to help us grow the volume of prayer! (Church Property)

Sunday, 8/20 6:00 PM                    The Church prays for the Church                              

Gather to pray for the church and the various ministries of the church as we launch our new program year. (Sanctuary)