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Homebound Communion

Holy Communion is the sacrament that sustains and nourishes us in our journey of faith and salvation, therefore the church must intentionally concern itself with those who are absent from the Lord's Table.

The purpose of the Homebound Communion ministry at Marion Methodist is to extend the Lord's Table, serving the sacrament of Holy Communion to all members of our worship community who are unable to attend church worship services due to physical and/or health constraints.

Lay members of the church in two-person teams take the prepared and consecrated elements of Holy Communion to serve homebound members within two days after Holy Communion has been celebrated by the congregation.

The Homebound Communion Ministry is currently serving a number of Marion Methodist members who have been unable to attend church for some time due to illness, age-related issues, rehabilitation following surgery or other causes. The members of the ministry team are trained and each team serves communion to the same members each month.

If you are interested in becoming part of this ministry, or if you or someone you know would like to receive communion from the ministry team, please contact either:

Vicki Standley, Director of Pastoral Care, (319) 377-4856 or
Dan Ciha, (319) 377-9789 or

There are many more people in our church family who could be added to the ministry if we had more teams to serve communion. Prayerfully consider being the hands of Jesus as we open the walls of the church and extend the Lord's Table to all his people.