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United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women (UMW) is a worldwide organization with a total of over a million women.

We support missions all over the world (women, children and youth). Our purpose is to know God, to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ, to have a creative, supportive fellowship and to help with missions with lots of love tucked in.

United Methodist Women gather several times a year for special events and meetings.

Together we enjoy a variety of programs at various times and days. Members enjoy the fun and fellowship of these times together. We offer our time and talents as we participate in prayer, giving, study, action, service and parties.

United Methodist Women are devoted to mission. We give whatever amount we can to aid missions world-wide, nationally and locally. We also hold a Bazaar every fall to earn money for missions. Members volunteer their talents and time to create shops full of holiday gifts, decorations, home-baked goodies, candy and country store items. The early morning coffee shop and the noon lunch are long-awaited favorites for many people. Profits are used for mission.

Our local UMW also sells Rada. cutlery. Gift sets or individual tools are for sale. These are excellent kitchen tools. Please leave your name and phone number with the church office staff, phone 377-4856, so a UMW member can contact you with details.

UMW is led by an Executive Board. Officers are elected by the membership and serve two-year terms. Any UMW member is welcome to attend Board meetings.

Click to download circle meeting information.

Circle groups are listed below.  Meetings are held monthly one each month.   Note the variety -- a variety of times, days, meeting places and programs.  Be our guest at the circle of your choice.

KEY:     + Morning    * Afternoon     # Evening

Meets:  Lower Level Carnegie Building  
Day:     2nd Monday of the month;  
Time:  7:00 PM meeting
Leader:  Linda Kelly
Program:  Bible/Book Study

Meets: At members’ homes. 
Day:  1st Wedneday of the month
Time:  1:00 PM
Leader:  Diane Taylor, Barb Campbell          
Program:  Varied 

Meets: Lower Level Carnegie Building
Day:  1st Wednesday of the month
Time:  1:15 PM
Leader:  Connie Freytag, Eula Wood 
Program:  Varied   

Meets: Lower Level of Carnegie Building
Day:  1st Wednesday of the month
Time:  9:15 AM 
Leader:  Wanda Campbell
Program:  Varied 

Meets: Church ~ Room W50
Day: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Time:  9:30 AM
Leader:  Kay McGuire, Joyce Haugen 
Program:  Bible/Christian Living Study

Meets: At Carnegie Corner -- Lower Level of Carnegie Building
Day:  2nd Thursday of the month
Time: 9:30 AM
Leader:  Cheri Dickey, Onalee Arnold
Program:  Varied  

Meets: Church ~ Room W50
Day:  4th Thursday of the month
Time:  9:15 AM
Leaders:  Joyce Haugen, Mary Taylor
Program:  Quilting for fun and mission while sowing seeds of love and fellowship

Meets: At members’ home so a kitchen is available.
Day: 2nd Thursday of the month
Time: 6:30 PM 
Leader:  Linda Talcott, Betty Kiboko 
Program:  “Studying culinary techniques through education and cooking”
Meets: Church ~ Room W50
Day:  2nd Thursday of the month
Time:  9:30 AM
Leader:  Jan Dickinson
Program:  “To enjoy Christian fellowship while crocheting and knitting”

Meets: Lower Level Carnegie Building
Day:  3rd Wednesday of the month
Time:  1:30 PM
Leader:  Pat Pierce, Connie Freytag
Program:  Book Club format

Meets: Lower Level Carnegie Building  
Day:  1st Thursday of the month
Time:  7:00 PM
Leader:  Lorie Bramley
Program:  Book Club format

ALL CIRCLES ARE OPEN TO ALL WOMEN. Contact the church office at 319-377-4856 for details.